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Drop shadow is one of the most interesting terminologies in the Photo editing world. Nowadays, images are a good way to drive sales in the online market by attracting clients. If your images are not aesthetic-looking, is it possible to sell your products online? 

By using a camera you cannot capture all of the desired effects that you want. An object’s shadow can maintain the attractiveness of a picture. Because of that, the shadow effect is essential.

To get appealing photos you should look for a renowned service provider who really can help you to get an extra oomph. Our experts are able to do all kinds of shadow creation such as drop, natural, reflection, cast and, floating. Hence, do not hesitate to check our service.

Here is a brief idea about Drop shadow which can allow you to get the importance of it. 

A shadow is a reflection of an object that brings the realness back into the photographs. By using drop shadow, you can adjust or customize every aspect of the object’s shadow that can be product photos and model photos.  

Shadow Creation Service

Know about Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is the visual effect of computer graphics and graphic design containing many objects that look similar to a shadow. This is another important photo editing method of Photoshop. Besides, Only creating a shadow is not enough, you need to bring life to an ordinary image. It is just a game that can play between light and dark. 

Nowadays, everything is becoming online, people want to buy products from home. Because of that, you need to make your product look real. Otherwise, you will lose your customers. So the only option is judging an object by seeing its images. A realistic and professional image can attract buyers’ attention. A shadow under your object can make the product look more eye-catchy.

Terms of Drop Shadow

There are many classified sections of drop shadow service. Like Natural shadow, cast a shadow, floating shadow, and reflection shadow. Different types of methods are used to create shadows of objects with various shapes.

Natural Shadow

The natural shadow effect is used where the actual shadow of the object does not appear as the studio lighting or other reasons. We use the natural shadow effect to get back the actual real shadow of the bottom of the object.

Cast Shadow

Due to the proper lighting, the shadow of the objects does not appear. This ruins the look of the object. The cast shadow is essential to get a more appealing look. 

Floating Shadow

The shadow sometimes does not appear as it looks in real life. While you use the over the light in front of the product, it loses its authentic shadow. Here we use the floating shadow effect for creating a shadow for the object.

Reflection Shadow

Always creating a shadow at the bottom of an object does not help to make the image look realistic and professional. Then we create a layer from the subject image and make another layer and lower the capacity to make a reflection kind of effect.

How We Work

Drop Shadow is an effect, where elements of an image look-alike 3D and burst out. 

This filter includes a drop-shadow below the subject element. Image shadow is a dark layer of your object elements. 

  • You come to us to submit your subject image and full requirements. 
  • After receiving your proposal we start doing your job immediately.
  • When we will be finished with the 1st step we will reach you for revision, if everything is fine then we start the next step
  • After finishing all the steps under your observation we send you the images for you to have a look at.
  • As soon as you approve our work our teammate begins the production work

A perfect drop shadow can make your image realistic. A realistic shadow of your object can make your image look professional.

Why Graphic Web BD

Graphic Web BD has skilled designers who are experts in this field. We have professional persons for shadow effect service. Making a customized shadow is much more complex than clipping a path. It is a unique part of photoshop, which creates a shadow under the object. 

Graphic Web BD always maintains the deadline of the clients. We submit our job 2/1 days before the deadline, so clients can have a look for revisions if needed. Before submitting your job to us for a miracle, know about our qualities also,

  • This complex shadow effect technology is best done by our certified professionals.
  • The unwanted objects or parts are removed from the image perfectly.
  • The isolated part is fitted to a new and suitable background.
  • The techniques of clipping and making vector paths are also part of the clipping path.
  • Complex images can be edited by using an advanced clipping path process.

Specific methods of clipping paths vary on the requirement. The overture need is a geometric shape with clearly defined edges, which is used to hide a background. Even very tiny objects can be cut without harming the original picture with this procedure.

Difference between the Advantage and Disadvantage of Drop Shadow

Nowadays, online marketing has become a huge opportunity for e-commerce store owners. People are willing to shop online. The only way of attracting buyers is to have a professional and realistic image. We give you the opportunity to make your images look alive and realistic. 

Here the advantages of shadow service cannot be described in words. 

  • Your images must have to look real.
  • Make the image look flawless.
  • It helps images to eliminate unnatural effects.

Here is the disadvantage of shadow.

  • By using Over light pictures shadows appear unrealistic.

Importance of Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a visual effect of your subject image. Here you can create another layer of your image under the object of your image. A shadow beneath an object creates a good impression and look of the image. The color and other exposure levels can be controlled by the service. You can even create shadows for letters also.

The demanding sectors of this service are – eCommerce business, product catalogs, features & brochures, Ghost mannequin effects, vector design, clipping path, graphic design, and 2D and 3D shapes. Shadow effect covers a lot of photo editing services of Adobe Photoshop.

This is a unique technique of Adobe Photoshop that can create a shadow under your objects. If you have a shadow under your object or not, you can still create a layer of shadow. It is not possible for photographers to check every lighting to have a perfect and realistic-looking shadow. An image with realistic shadow makes an image look more natural. To maintain the natural look, having a dark layer under the object is important. 

The easiest way of getting a shadow of any kind of object with various kinds of shapes, we have to create an extra layer of a gray or black area underneath and offset from the object. In general, a shadow is a copy in black or gray of the object, drawn in a slightly different position.


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