Professional Image Masking Services

Image masking is one of the most crucial parts of photo editing. And That is time-consuming also. Most online business owners need this service. Furthermore, More than 38% of online consumers want to show their products on a transparent background. That is why this is a valuable and popular service in recent times. 

Not only consumers but also clients are looking for a better image. An attractive picture can help us to get more and more customers. Indeed, busy photographer doesn’t have enough time to edit their photos. That is why they are looking for the best image masking service provider. 

However, We’ve our dedicated designers to complete that work. As I mentioned, that is a crucial part of image editing because of its details.  

For getting high-quality results they need to focus on every detail. That is why This is very sensitive. Different images need different types of masking. Thus, You wouldn’t pass over some particular options like hair, dolls, furry clothes like wool, and blurred edges. The photo masking technique consists of two functions. One is a clipping path and the other is to replace the background. Hence, the Clipping path helps to remove the hard background and masking helps to remove the soft edge background. 

Professional Image Masking Services

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is the most useful technique to remove the background from an image, which context has fur and hair. I mentioned before that this is one of the crucial parts of photo editing. It is tough to edit the model’s hair and furry clothes. So that image masking needs advanced Photoshop skills, time, and patience.

This process isolates the subject from its background. For that, It eliminates the potential distraction of the image and tries to help focus on the products or models. Adding a white or transparent background is the best way to focus on the product.

Most Popular Image Masking Services

Day by day image masking service is becoming more popular in the photo editing world. Here I will demonstrate some categories of image masking services. So, let’s dig deep into it.

Layer Masking Service

Layer masking service is the base level of image masking. Here you can hide and reveal some parts of an object. It is much better than clipping services as the clipping path cannot do well with smooth areas and nucleated edges. Usually, most of the service is replacing or removing the background of complex background, smooth & smooth curves.

Alpha Masking Service

We do alpha masking after the background is cut out or removed from the object and you want to work on color, contrast, brightness, exposure, etc. The cutout background is saved in the alpha channel method. You can upload and download your images easily because of the lightweight of your image. This service works best in a smooth area background.

Fur & Hair Masking Service

With furry or hairy edges, it is difficult to isolate the background of the object. Fur & hair masking service gives a better result than clipping for furry edged objects. An only clipping path cannot provide everything; at some complex point masking is required for better output. You can sharpen your photo and can even fix the exposure level, colors, light, and contrast.  

Transparent Masking Service

Transparent masking service is for those object images which can be seen through the object. Like an empty or full water glass is a transparent object, some images contain elements like nets that are not fully transparent but they are translucent, objects like this require transparent and translucent masking service. We have professional persons for you to serve the best quality work at an affordable price. We have the most skilled people.

How We Work

  • Apply a recite for the image you want to edit
  • We will send a confirmation mail within 45 minutes or less
  • Permit us to start your project after getting everything clear.
  • We will send the image for a maximum of six hours.
  • Receive your product and start earning.

Advantages of Image Masking

Most of the online marketplace holders are renowned companies required to have a white background of your products. If your products have furry, fairy, transparent, translucent, blurry objects and net type objects then it is difficult to isolate the background of the object image. We help you with this type of product images and replace the background and make the image look more professional. Transparent and translucent objects are hard to isolate because they are full & medium see through objects which can’t be done in clipping path service; only masking can do this background isolating service.

Why Graphic Web BD

Graphic Web BD is renowned and accomplishes clients’ work by expert individuals. Though masking is much more complex than clipping paths, we are using the latest Photoshop software that can make an image sharper, real, and natural. Complex images require masking for isolating background.

Graphic Web BD always maintains the deadline of the clients. We submit our job 2/1 days before the deadline, so clients can have a look for revisions if needed. Before submitting your job to us for a miracle, know about our qualities also,

  • This complex imaging technology is best done by our trained professionals.
  • The unwanted objects or parts are removed from the image perfectly.
  • The isolated part is fitted to a new and suitable background.
  • The techniques of clipping and making vector paths are also part of the clipping path.
  • Complex images can be edited by using an advanced clipping path process.

Specific methods of clipping paths vary on the requirement. The overture need is a geometric shape with clearly defined edges, which is used to hide a background. Even very tiny objects can be cut without harming the original picture with this procedure.

Terms of Image Masking Service

Most of the clients are online shop holders, photographers, image editing companies, different types of organizations, newspapers, clothing, etc. Masking is for professional output. Masking is one of the unique parts of Photoshop. 

You can cut out your main object and remove the background. This way can edit images more perfectly. You can have all the control of each layer. You can even enhance and fix the color and other image adjustment options. Masking is one of the best image isolating services. It is also used to control brightness, sharpness, contrast, exposure, and many more other levels. 

Group photos contain many nostalgic moments with many people. Image with many people as an object is hard to replace the background. There are many small holes and curves which are hard to isolate, masking service is mostly needed for this service. The critical areas are the head and facial shapes.

Headshot and portrait retouching is also a part of masking. Masking is also used for image retouching services. When an object is a person then it is difficult to isolate the hair and soft edges, this area is done by our professional and experienced persons.

Sometimes pet shop owners want to sell their pets online. Some online marketplace like Amazon or eBay require a white background. Then you have to convert the animal objects’ background. Replacing the background also helps to improve an image look and it attracts buyers more.

Some objects have fuzzy edges in an image that are impossible to cut out with clipping. Masking is required in this service. Without masking you cannot isolate the furry areas. Image manipulation service is a part of masking.

Uses of Image Masking

Online marketplace holders’ require a certain background that’s why companies change their image backgrounds.

Images with furry and hairy objects are the hardest part of background isolation, here masking is a must needed.

Objects like glasses, glass bottles, or other things that are see-through, are not an easy work to replace the background. This can be done by masking.

Some objects like the net and net type medium see through objects are most complicated to remove or replace backgrounds. This critical job can be done perfectly by our professional workers.

Where Image masking is not needed

Images without furry, hairy, unclear, blurry, transparent, and translucent objects do not need to do masking. Your images with sharp edges can be done by clipping paths. Sometimes clients come with a problem where their object color and the background color are the same. This can be done with a clipping path.


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