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Do you want your pictures to look iconic? For creating an iconic picture you need to pay attention to every single detail. Consumers and clients will buy and love your products if you can make perfect clipping paths. The clipping path is like the heart of photo editing. Because, most of the pictures need Clipping paths to remove the background, make the shape perfect, etc.

Good-looking images can drive your consumers and clients.

At Graphic Web BD designers do hand-drawn clipping paths by using the Photoshop pen tool. For hand-drawn clipping paths, we can achieve perfect, ideal, and finished edges of pictures. So, the pictures look real and impressive.

As a good photo editing service provider we prefer top-quality work. There isn’t compromise with that. Furthermore, we have professional and dedicated designers who give their proper effort to edit the photos.

Thus, we can easily help our clients to meet their tight deadlines.

Clipping Path Service Provider | Remove background services


If you are talking about budget, we can only say that you will get the services done at a very reasonable and decent price.

Clipping path is a shape of a vector that can make an outline or silhouette of a subject by using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop cc 2020. This is also known as deep etching, closed vector shape or silhouette, and photo clipping. We prefer to make an outline of a subject by hand. Not automated tools. When you do this by hand, you’ve proper control to make an outline. Additionally, This process helps you to remove the subject of the picture from its background.

After applying the process you can add another background behind the subject and remove unnecessary things. It is helpful to make white backgrounds for selling products online. For that, the product looks outstanding and attractive.

Besides, If you are looking for a good-looking backdrop that highlights the features of the product, for future use of your photo, attract customers, and make sales of your products then we are here to help you.

However, a clipping path expert can do that easily.

Classifications of Professional Clipping Path Services

We have experts at editing images of e-commerce products, jewelry, fashion, furniture, and more. Clipping path service helps you extract or isolate objects from a digital image. Some images need a touch of a professional to improve the quality of their images and apply some more focus on the main object to get a clean white background, Graphic Web BD helps you do that.

Basic Clipping Path

Basic clipping path is a term where pictures are generally being operated.

Primarily, in the basic clipping path, the object has to remove the degrading background of an image or scrap an image from an idle background and make it a masterpiece.

Clipping path is a process of cutting down 2D images in image editing software. It lets you have full control of an image to use in any place of a design or online. You may have the latest version of Photoshop to remove the background but doing this process through a pen is the best way to do clipping path service in order to get a 100% accurate output. We always give the best quality job at the least price. This is our policy to keep you happy.

Basic clipping path leads you to enhance the focus of an image. By removing less appealing and basic background from an image you can influence the audience more.

Simple Clipping Path

With the help of standard Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Web BD professionals and skilled editors use the extremely accurate pen tool to verify or select outline areas of an image.

There is a choice of backgrounds that can be examined. When certain parts of an image need to be slit the pen tool is used. With the help of Bezier’s point, the sharp corners can be palliated. The curves are then more eye-catching. The pen tool is like a Swiss army knife in action. Clipping path service done by hand is the extreme quality as it produces excellent cutout.

All it requires is a professional editor and patience and doing it appropriately by hand. Pen Tool is highly efficient for this job.

The use of the Pen Tool enables the editor to become more proficient and exceedingly quicker in the task.

Medium Clipping Path

Medium clipping path is harder than Simple clipping path and much easier than Complex clipping path. A medium clipping path for the product images contains holes and designs inside the images.

Medium clipping path is mainly used to connect the holes and plans on pictures with various curves. The most critical part of the clipping path is to maintain the centers here. Medium clipping path occurs when an article with a chaotic brim must happen from its experience. These images contain some hidden transparency. You may think a medium clipping path is critical and we charge more for this, we can make sure that you pay the least and get the maximum.

Complex Clipping Path

The main job in complex clipping paths is to cut out or remove background from a complex image by the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop.

Complex clipping path is much harder than basic clipping path, simple clipping path, and medium clipping path.

Complex clipping path is mostly used for images that are the most critical shapes, designs, or group photos. It is used in various products such as chains, group people, furniture, group bracelets, furry dolls, jewelry, net, group images, cycle, etc.

What’s the Price of Every Service?

In these services, there is a random price list so that you can get an idea about our pricing. We all know that the price depends on the complexity of the services. So, After taking two free trials, we will give you a special price and ensure that there won’t be any hidden charges. And we never compromise with image quality due to the client’s satisfaction.

What types of Industries are looking for clipping path services?

Most of the industries like E-commerce shops, real estate agencies, Indoor house designers, eBay, Easy, logo designers, and other online stores, etc.

We always say that pictures can drive your sales. Poorly made product photos can ruin your professionalism and business. Look at the e-commerce, marketing, social media, advertising industries, they use efficient and attractive pictures for their marketing and showing the products in the virtual market.

For instance, A busy professional photographer, who doesn’t have enough time to edit his/her photos. So that he/she can take help from a good professional service provider. Hence, we are here to take your tediousness and deliver your pictures within the tightest deadlines.

However, We believe that clients choose us because of doing high-quality work and customer satisfaction. I believe you know that a unique and top-quality picture can take your business to the next level.

From the last decades, Graphic Web BD provides the best clipping path services all over the world. Moreover, Customers are getting their service cost-efficiently and without any hassle. So, take a free trial to check our quality work. Besides, Customers are getting Top-quality hand-made clipping paths, proper pixel-perfect selection, reasonable price, rush delivery, on-time delivery, quality work, 100% money-back Guarantee and customer satisfaction, etc.

A good Clipping path service company can create a huge difference in sales and conversion in offline and online businesses. When you want to change a picture’s background you need to separate, manipulate, or de-emphasize and emphasize the subject from the picture’s original background. For that, you need to determine the path of its outline.

What Types of Tools and Techniques a Clipping Path Company Use?

We use some of the best tools based on your pictures and instructions. Such tools are:
● Premier graphic software,
● Convert pen tool,
● Anchor point tool and
● Digital design pens.
And we don’t use any automated tools to edit our customer’s photos. Because automated tools can’t fully fill our client’s requirements. So that we use manual hand drawing tools to edit.

Create a Clipping Path in Photoshop

Creating a Clipping path in Photoshop is a time-consuming process. Thus, you need to create an outline around the subject of the picture by using a pen tool. It can help you to isolate the subject from the background.

● After completing the path, the Photoshop path panel helps to isolate the area in different ways from its surroundings.

● If you need to remove the background and place the subject on a website then the paths panel can help you to transform the path reusable. And delete the background permanently.

● You can modify the paths in a way to look at your product separated only in the layout If you want to place the image in In Design or QuarkXPress. And it will hold on to the backdrop in Photoshop.

How to Find a Right Clipping Path Specialist?

A right clipping path specialist is always equipped with his/her best tools. And must have advanced knowledge about the photo editing industry. Graphic Web BD will help you to do that. Because we have our experienced team to provide quality work on time. Also, you will get the job done at a reasonable price and fast turnaround time.
Our designers are able to provide advanced design services. However, as a leading photo editing service provider we provide many design options at a very decent price.
When you are looking for a Clipping path specialist then you need to look at such things as:
● Fast turnaround time,
● check their service by getting free trial from them,
● reasonable price,
● Quality work,
● Check satisfaction level of another customer,
● secure FTP system,
● Their behavior and 24/7 customer support,
● Don’t need to pay before the job is done.

The honesty of a Clipping Path Service provider

Look! Clipping paths is really a time-consuming job. Most of the e-commerce owners, photographers, real estate business owners don’t have enough time to edit their photos. They are taking help from an honest service provider.

I believe you know that the budget and time are very precious for everyone. So don’t just waste your money and time by getting help from the wrong service provider.

Before I say that Graphic Web BD has experienced and fully trained designers to edit the photos. Whether you want a Clipping path, photo retouching, background removal, etc, CPA is here to ensure that you are satisfied with the service.


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